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I have written some articles or essays that might be of interest. One set are found at Strike-The-Root:

Bonneau's articles

However I will list them here (chronologically) for convenience:

A Freedom Lover's Faustian Bargain
What Is to Be Done With the Statists?
Life Without Rights
Why People Believe Government Is Here to Help Us
Become Dangerous
A Momentous Anarchic Event: The 2008-2009 Great American Gun Buy
It's Better to Lose an Election, Than to Win
Voting Is Even More Worthless Than You Think
Hooray for the TSA!
Political Prisoners in America
How Fortunate We Are
Why the Split Between Non-Violent and Violent Resistance?
The Republic Is a Fraud
Become Dangerous (Part 2)
There’s No Such Thing as a Statist
A Response to 'More on Minarchism as Evil'
Some Problems With the Farm Analogy
America: What Good Is It?
Don’t Leave Me Alone... Not!
The Secret Ballot: A Tool For Tyrants
The Old Farm Shed
Where's My Contract?
Homeschooling Is Easy!
Not Enough Enemies? Let's Create More!
How to Get a Job
Tools for Tyrants: Fear
Tools for Tyrants: Hatred, AKA 'Divide and Conquer'
Freedom is Not an Intellectual Pursuit
What Would Free Market Justice Look Like?
How to Know When You Have Liberty
The Problem With the 'People Are Idiots' Meme
Panarchy, Subsidiarity and Me
Should Anarchists Be Tolerated?
Private Property vs. 'Your Stuff'
Dehumanizing People is Fun
CISPA: Should We Care?
Thoughts on Bullying and Respect
Libertarians Are Nothing Special
Let Us Prove That Anarchy Can't Work
The Boston Tea Party: An Attack on Property Rights?
A Dual-Currency Community
Dear Naomi...
It's Not That Bad After All
A Proof of Anarchy: The Rulers Themselves
Voting Is Not Irrational
A War Is Coming? Nah!
Evicting the Statist Within Us
The Privacy Conundrum
What's So Special About Newtown?
Panarchy, Not Anarchy, Is the Answer
Government, a Force of Nature
Barnyard Politics
Voting With Our Feet
Comments on 'Liberty in the Tenticular State'
Two Minutes of Hate for the Collectivists
Race Hucksters Bore Me
The Optimum Level of Violence
Begging the Masters for Liberty
Badges of Our Slavery
The Recent Recrudescence of Racism
An Appeal to NSA Engineers
How Much Do You Value Government?
Everyone Gets What He Wants
An Apostate From the Government Religion
Handgun Primer for Liberals
MYOB: As Important as NAP?
The Law
Some Reasons for Libertarians to NOT Reject the Non-Aggression Principle
A Critique of 'Against Libertarian Brutalism'
Favorite Local Boondoggles
I Don't Have Rights; Nor Do I Want Any
Going Unarmed Is an Antisocial Act
The Compromise
Logical Fallacies?
The Advantage of Panarchy
The Good and the Bad of Constitutionalism
Where Hoppe Goes Wrong
The Limits of Philosophy
Proud to Be a Benighted American
Xenophobes Bore Me
Dear OSPIRG Gal...
How Americans Are Exceptional
How to Make the Confederate Flag Respectable
How I Got a Job
Libertarians Need Not Support Centralized Power
Why Participate in a Rigged Game?
Why Renters Are Screwed
A Panarchist Take on Borders and Immigration
A Thought Experiment in Rights
A Place Somewhere Beyond 'White Man's Burden' and 'I Hate N*ggers'
A Method For Achieving Panarchy (Part 1)
Social Justice Warriors Are Assholes
Self Interest
Slaves of the Law
Consent and Secession
Why the Ruling Class Likes Crime
Nuclear Warheads as Hostages
To Manage and Steer the Peons
Rube Goldberg Government
Did the Russians Poop in the Hallway?
Panarchy: The Utility of Personal Experience
'Entangling Alliances': Are They OK Yet?
How We Became Homeschoolers
Government Is Like Dandruff Shampoo
Liberty and Social Conventions

The other place I have published, more or less concurrently, is at The Libertarian Enterprise. I don't believe they have a list as Strike-The-Root has, so here are the links to the individual articles. These are listed chronologically. Some of the earlier articles might still have a flavor of minarchism...

Immigration & Tribalism
Global Warming Propaganda
What's This Movement About?
Tom, Stop Wishing Humans Weren't Human
What's the True Source of our Right to Bear Arms?
The Day I Used the Government
The 50-State Secession
Humans as Livestock
Cops. What good are they?
What Would Freedom Look Like?
The Transition to Freedom
Libertarian Dogma
Making Democracy Work
Stand Up On Yer Own Hind Laigs
Thuggish Highways
When the Goons Show Up On Your Doorstep...
Let's Be Tolerant
How to Deal With Provocateurs
Dialog With a Propagandist
Republic? What republic?
There's Still a Place for Everyone
Wild Men Needed!
No One Ever Asks Why I Carry a Gun
Sargon and Sennacherib
Loyalty - Virtue or Vice?
The Cure?!
Protection Implies Submission
What Is to Be Done With the Statists? -- Part 2 (see the Strike-The-Root list for Part 1)
Why We Hate Cops
How one can distinguish real protection from a protection racket
It all comes back to "Honest Abe"
When to resist. When to submit
What Is to Be Done With the Statists? -- Part 3
Good profiling and bad profiling
Good Violence
The End of the Minarchist/Anarchist Dispute
We Do Have A Right To Health Care
Constitution-bashing, a strategic error?
Is There Anything You Would Fight and Die For?
Proper Forms of Resistance
What Monopoly of Force?
What's all this about needs?
The Rulers Don't Want Universal Background Checks
Cops Are Old-Tech Drones
Group Actions, Frowned Upon
Dust off that old Ruger
Motorcycle Madness
Gun Owners: Freedom Lovers or Cry Babies?
Bullied by Clowns
How To Not Be a Collectivist
A Dog Defends His Territory
To Those on Social Security
Questions for Constitutionalists
Senator Enzi, Mafia Thug
This Ain't East Germany
The License Plate War
A Use for Old People
Gun Charity
A Thought Experiment for Minarchists
Is Far Wind More Important Than Near Wind?
Are You Ready for War?
A New Berry Bush for the Garden
Defending Our Culture from the Invaders
Impunity in the Land of the Armed
A Use for the Constitution
The Most Admirable Insect
SHTF: How Many Rounds Per Gun?
Meanwhile, Down at the Gun Confiscation...
Who Loves Liberty More - Liberals or Conservatives?
The Ory-gun Show & Tell
I'm Going To Blame the Victims
The Mother of Order
A Game of Nuclear Chicken
Anarchy - A Religion?
Trump Will Be Killed
It's Not Our Job To Correct Wrong-Thinking
The Utility of the Big "Fuck You"
Pizzagate’s Effect on Revolution
Dignity—Who’s Got It—Who Has Not
Neil's 2nd Thoughts About Immigration
My Experiences with the Muslims
A Thought Experiment Involving Guns
How Libertarians Can Fight Islam
The Whores of
How to Watch Korean Shows
A Libertarian Wall
How to Beat the Red Flag Laws

I've also started writing for The Price of Liberty

Should Ron Paul Be President?


  1. Hi Paul,

    Any idea what has happened to
    the Free State Wyoming Forum?

    One moment (in late June/early July)
    it's there..then the next moment it's
    gone...what is going on?

    I emailed ML about this..she hasn't
    heard from Boston or anyone on site
    admin about this.

    Hope you can shed some light..and
    that the forum will soon be back up.

    Steve Kristman aka Northgunner III

    1. It's all in Boston's lap. We don't know what if anything he is doing about it. It's tied up with Joseph, our real administrator going AWOL, so I guess Boston has to find him and get the password, or something of that nature. Keep checking every so often, maybe it will be sorted out. Then again maybe it won't.

      The website did not go down due to any malicious action; more like some renewal was missed. We had plenty of warning yet nothing was done. Pretty strange!

  2. Hi Paul,

    Thanks for clearing that's been
    quite a mystery for a lot of us.

    Can I share this with Mama Liberty as
    she hasn't heard this info?

    Steve Kristmann aka Northgunner III